Lakshhya Society|Education For Poor Children


Today, we want you, the reader, to take a pledge with us.

“We pledge that we will never ignore the needy people around us. We promise to ourselves that in every kind of difficulty, we will support the people around us in the best possible way. We realize that we consume the resources of the society and it’s our duty to give back our best to it. We will serve the society and its people and will always try our best to preserve its resources. Society is not made by us but we are made by the society.”

It’s the time to realize that even poor people do a lot for us. They are the ones who build our houses, railway tracks, and does all the construction work. They do all kinds of unskilled labor work, which is totally ignored by us. When it comes to paying them or helping them, we always try to cut off our expenses. Just imagine, your payment can give him a meal in a day, your payment can help in feeding his little kids who roam helplessly around the streets, and your payment can add a penny to his savings and help him in building a shelter.

Don’t think about donation only on special occasions like a festival or a birthday, etc. Your feeling of charity should not wait for a special day. Remember this thing always, if you give, give selflessly. Never give with the hope of getting something back in return. Give what you have in surplus. You have surplus amount of grains in your home, but there’s someone lying on the footpath, which does not enough grains to sustain life. Did you ever think about him?

Have you ever thought that there are people who are not able to fulfill their basic needs of life, food, clothing and shelter? People waste food and through away less-used clothes, never thinking that they can bring a smile on the face of the person who needs them. Even your extra food, your old clothes and the used things from your house, which you throw, can be donated. Your old can be someone’s new. Your surplus can be someone’s need.

Never forget the needy people living around you. They are also humans and co-exist on the same planet. Do the best you can for them like we, at Lakshhya Society carry out education and food distribution campaigns for the underprivileged ones. There’s a lot which you can do. A small step is to teach the child of the maid who cleans your house every day. Think about similar measures you can take to make their lives, a little better.