Lakshhya Society|Education For Poor Children


  • Financial stress:

As the typical sources of funding started flowing towards COVID-19 relief and healthcare related work, NGOs faced crisis regarding the long-term sustainability of their programmes and organisations.

  • Adapting digital platforms:

The NGOs which have already adapted digital technology in their operations were able to cope with the situation while those were yet to adapt faced difficulties with lack of skills.

  • Sustaining the existing programmes:

Many organisations are forced to put a hold on their existing programmes to manage the funding and man force available

Below are list of four NGOs and their contributions to overcome this pandemic crisis despite the above listed challenges:


Give India partnership:


Daily wage workers, migrant workers lost their income because of pandemic

Lakshhya society collaborated with Give India platform to collect funds online to provide grocery kit with essentials and free masks, sanitizers along with Corona awareness pamphlets in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

 Online internships

Considering the lockdown, this NGO floated online internships for volunteers and students across India who can contribute remotely in the field of Digital marketing, content writing and video making.

Students are not allowed to classroom teaching till further notice

Lakshhya society launched free online sessions to all students including spoken English classes.


Due to the pandemic, an estimated 300 million learners are out of school in India alone.



Karona, ThodiMasti, ThodiPadhai:

This daily engagement activity helps parents to support their child’s education despite closure of schools. Text/video/audio are created and shared via SMS and WhatsApp.

Masti focuses on art, music, theatre


Padhaifocuses on language, math, English and science

These were made available in English and 10 regional languages.     

Government Partnerships:

Pratham has partnered with many state governments schools who are using WhatsApp/SMS as their communication channels to reach their students during the pandemic by leveraging their digital content from and the Pradigi App.



Due to the pandemic many migrant workers have lost their jobs and livelihood.

To help the migrant workers and their families for getting daily essentials, YEF launched a fundraising campaign.

YEF rapid response team worked in four steps


Underprivileged children who depend on schools for free meals were adversely affected due to pandemic


Love in a Backpack

Local supermarkets are contacted to prepare the backpack kit which contains a notebook, a pencil, a fruit, a tetra juice pack, a snack. Volunteers help in distributing these kits to the kids.


Underprivileged with no money and no documents to support them to get the access to the relief help related to food, water, health, shelter, livelihood, and sanitisation are more suffered.


This foundation decided to help them with proper food and nutrition. They converted their non-Formal education centres to ration distribution centres and helped them families with by providing ration kits and sanitary pad.