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Benefits of Blogs for an NGO

The website blog is needed to boost an NGO’s online presence. It attracts donors and viewers and help in engaging with a larger number of audiences. Blog content is a great way to make people understand about the cause supported by the NGO and the mission on which it’s advancing. Blogging also helps in engaging regular readers. With a great content, an organization can have regular visitors for their site. For an NGO, blogging is about showing the people you serve. It’s great for Non-profit Search Engine Optimization. Frequent posts keep visitors up-to-date and act as a source of giving information to readers. Blogs are a cost-effective way of telling stories and sharing information. Blog posts help in reducing the bounce rate of the website. Usually, most people who visit the website leave after seeing the home page. By creating blog posts that are interesting, clean, and well-structured, you can increase visitors’ chances of staying on your website. Blog content serves as a two-way benefit. You get content for your website and for your social media as well. You can add the article-related graphics on social media or increase your social media presence by placing the social media sharing buttons below the content. Blogging is like a marketing strategy for a non-profit and it gives good results when you have a limited marketing budget. It’s cost effective. 

Blogs can help in providing quick and latest news about your organization and cause. They can help your supporters and potential supporters get to know you and connect with you. Blogs can create your own coverage rather than expecting a newspaper or a channel to cover your story. Blogs also have the power to increase the search ranking of your website. There’s a fact that the newer content often ranks better. So, posting regular blogs on your website can help you in ranking better on a search engine. 

So, blogs have numerous benefits when it comes to a Non-Profit Organization like the Lakshhya Society. Blogs have been given great importance when it comes to cost effective marketing and increasing the website traffic. Today, majority of the organizations are adding the blogs option in their menu to extract the same benefits from the internet.