Lakshhya Society|Education For Poor Children


This is a very old phrase. But, we still use it in our day to day lives. It is so important, relatable and useful that you can’t resist thinking about it whenever you share something, whether it’s your food, clothes or toys. Same way, when you share love, you care about others. Sharing is not only about things, you can share anything you have, your knowledge, your values or your skills. Share what you have. Live and donate in such a way that your surplus can help in covering someone’s deficit. Whatever you give today will come back to you tomorrow. Adding to your charity, you add to your acts to make God happy. He is happy when all his children are happy, not when only the richer ones are happy and poorer ones are sad. God is overseeing you. Instead of inspiring him through sacrifices and visiting holy places, help his children, He’ll be happier and He’ll bless you with all what you want.    

Same way, Lakshhya Society believes in sharing knowledge to do good to a large mass of little children who cannot afford to go to school. The people working in our NGO provide hands-on education to such children. Knowledge is like a flame of a candle, the more you share, and the larger it spreads. It’s like happiness, you share it with one and it gets doubled. 

Remember the golden rule, “The measure in which you give, you receive.” We provide happiness to these children through the passage of education and that happiness comes back to us in the form of their smiles which are heart melting. The mere smile on the faces of those children gives us a bunch of satisfaction and motivation to continue doing this further. 

Whatever you share, share it selflessly. Lakshhya Society also organized food distribution drives for the needy during the COVID-19 outbreak helping hundreds of poor people in Aligarh and other areas. Keeping aside our education programmes, we addressed the need of the hour by doing our best and are still striving to help more hungry humans.