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Think About The Unprivileged!

The following article is in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Schools are not closed, only the school buildings are closed, the teachers are still working hard to teach the students. Efforts are being made by every school to continue their classes and tests through digital sources. Students are getting regular assignments and lessons from teachers either through recording or live classes. 

In the middle of all this, think about the poor ones, think about the ones who are not well-off, think about the unprivileged ones, and think about the ones who don’t have enough resources. They are the actual sufferers when it comes to any disaster, pandemic or any adverse situation. The daily wage workers aren’t able to get enough food. We appreciate the steps taken by the Government of India and the supporting organizations working towards the noble cause of providing food to the poor people. But, when you sit at home and study or when you sit at home and work, do you ever wonder about the loss tolerated by these people in the field of their work and education. Already they are not able to afford education, when organizations like Lakshhya Society and many others are working towards providing education to the unprivileged children, we face these barriers. These people can’t get online classes and assignments. They can’t continue with their studies in normal way through digital sources. They are sitting at home these days, built in crowded areas, which are unhygienic and dirty. They are unsafe. 

We carry out campaigns to provide hands-on learning to the unprivileged ones. All our missions are on a hold because of the coronavirus outbreak. We are helping the needy ones and trying to provide them food. At the same time, we are praying that all this ends soon and the world returns to its normal condition, so that our children don’t suffer much. We wish that we are able to help them to cope up with the loss occurring these days. 

This issue is not raised for providing help. Just try to be sensitive and take this issue to your heart and sit and think for a while. This section of the population suffers the most, whether we talk about food, clean water, sanitation or education.